Instagram Growth Automator

Instagram Growth On Autopilot, 7 Days a Week Without Using Bots

Imagine for less than the cost and risk of an Instagram growth software, you can set your Instagram growth & engagement on autopilot, while you focus on creating highly engaging content for your followers.

Only $125/Month

Every Day, Here's What You Get:

30 Follows

We follow 30 accounts which match your ideal target audience and are most likely to follow you back


We unfollow accounts over time to keep your follower-to-following ratio as low as possible


We leave thoughtful comments on up to 10 posts on accounts we followed that day to engage them


We like up to 3 posts on 10 accounts we followed that day to engage them and get their attention

10 Replies

We will reply to up to 10 comments made by accounts on comments we posted on previous days

1 Set of Hashtags

We add a unique set of highly-targeted researched hashtags to one of the posts that went live most recently.

Top Benefits

Daily Follower Growth

We estimate you will get about 10-20% of accounts follow you back which equals to about 3-6 followers per day, or 90-180 per month.

Real Human Engagement

One of our expertly trained social media executives will be managing your account securely and doing these daily actions for you, so you don't have to waste your time.

Save Costs.
Save Time.

For a fraction of what a social media manager would cost, you'll not only save money, but time from doing a boring, tedious task every day.

Compare Us

Our Service

Human-Powered, No Bots

Real, Active, Organic Followers

Algorithm Update-Proof

Custom Hashtag Research

No Software Needed

Guaranteed Growth

Custom Target Audiences

Software Competitors

Human-Powered, No Bots

Real, Active, Organic Followers

Algorithm Update-Proof

Custom Hashtag Research

No Software Needed

Guaranteed Growth

Custom Target Audiences


How Do You Get New Followers?

The truth is, Instagram requires constant activity for your account to start gaining momentum and followers. We interact with and engage accounts that fit within your ideal target audience by liking, commenting, and following them. On average a small percentage (~10-20%) will follow your account back, many of which will start to engage with your content. We'll also unfollow the accounts we followed over time to reduce the follower-to-following ratio.

Does This Work With Every Account?

No it doesn't. If you've used automated software, bots, scripts, or anything dodgy in the past, it will take time to regain Instagram's trust. But if you've never done any of that, then this service is perfect for you. Remember, our service works best if you post valuable & high-quality content regularly and engage with your new followers.

Will the followers engage with my content?

As long as you are posting consistently, high-quality content, the targeted followers you'll be getting thanks to this service will start to engage and interact with your posts. Since we make sure to engage with accounts which match your target audience, ideal hashtags, and followers of your competitors, you'll have a high chance to start getting more traffic, leads, and sales.

Is this service safe for my account?

Yes, since we only use real humans who are social media experts and never any software, we make sure to follow the Instagram best practices. It's like having virtual assistants managing your Instagram account, so you can focus on other things in your business.

Do I need to share my login details with you?

Yes, since we are human, we'll need to be able to log into your Instagram account to manage it on your behalf. We take security very seriously here at Elemental Edge, and all your data is kept 100% confidential and secure. We use LastPass to receive and share login credentials with our staff.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Easy - just email us at and let us know that you no longer want to use this service. Your subscription will be cancelled and we'll securely delete any login information and log out of your account(s).

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