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Gabriel Both

Gabriel both


Gabriel is the founder of Elemental Edge and is an SEO and YouTube Marketing expert. He has a Bachelors of Computer Science degree and has worked with large UK and International brands such as Pi Datametrics, Harrods, Harrods Estates, Virgin Active, Waterstones, Time Inc, City Sprint, Spar, Leisure Pass Group, CBRE and many other companies, to improve their SEO rankings and organic search traffic.

Roxana Ananie

Head Of Digital

Roxana brings her extensive, hands-on experience with digital marketing to the Elemental Edge™ team, creating valuable content for both internal and client projects. Relying not just on knowledge, but also on creativity and her keen eye for detail, she makes sure every piece of content she creates - whether it's written copy or graphic elements - meets the highest of standards.

Want To Join Our Team?

Here are what previous (& current) team members have said about how it is to work with us:

"Working with Elemental Edge™ is awesome!
In my role as Client Support & Operations Manager I get to interact with our motivated and inspired clients on a daily basis. I love getting to know the client, their goals, and what we can do to help make their business succeed.
In my role, I also get to work very closely with our team. This is my first time working with a fully remote team, so I was a little nervous about being able to connect with co-workers, but it has been amazing. We communicate regularly, are extremely efficient, and ENJOY working together. I could not have asked for better co-workers.
Gabriel makes sure we all feel included and valued as team members. He gives us all of the tools we need to grow professionally, and is always available for questions and training.
I am very excited to continue to grow with this company, our clients, and our team."

- Raychelle Bultman

Previous Client Support & Project Manager

Working with Elemental Edge was a great experience - it is a welcoming and professional workplace where everyone is working together to provide the best service possible to clients. It was great to be part of a company that not only values excellence in their work, but in every interaction with their customers. There is such a diversity of personalities and skills in a team that is small but mighty, and goes above and beyond customer expectations to deliver value for money.
The team takes on a range of projects and clients across different fields, so you’ll learn about an incredibly wide and interesting range of work. There are always opportunities for continuous learning as well, and a culture of striving for self-improvement.
I look forward to seeing where the team goes."

- Lydia Zhou

Previous Content Manager for 6 Months

"Working with Elemental Edge was one of the most pleasant and welcoming experiences I've ever had professionally. Even though the team was scattered all around the world, the friendships and bonds we formed made the distance irrelevant. The clients are genuinely interesting and specifically targeted, so you always end up working with high quality people. There is a lot of room to be independent, and yet you can still expect a lot of support wherever you may need it."

- Sasha Hrgic

Previous Graphic Designer for 10 Months

It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Gabriel and the team at Elemental Edge™ Digital. I was so lucky to find such a great position and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I'm genuinely sad to say goodbye and wish them all the success in the future and hope that Elemental Edge™ Digital continues to grow and grow. If you have a chance to work with them - take it!"

- Barbara Buckley

Previous Client Account & Project Manager for 10 Months

"I'd like to thank you for giving me the chance to be part of such a great company. The last 12+ months helped me master what I do the best and I am happy that I had the chance to work in a team with a polite, welcoming and professional culture, where the clients are not just another project, but a valuable long-term relationship. I totally would like to connect and work together in the future.
Thank you for all the good stuff this past year.
With love, Maya."

- Maya Mileska

Previous Website Designer for 12+ Months

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